Magical Cat

I resisted the temptation of writing the word “magic” with an k, ck, ch or whatever. Which of course would have been looking more fancy, more exotic, more neopagan and more “fluffy” (for those of you who are not not familiar with the term “fluffy bunny”, don’t bother. You have not missed anything important, not at all…).
So, what does it mean; that my fingers wanted to put a “k” at the end of the word. Have I read too much of the Witches’ Voice lately, or do I not tend to write the word on a daily basis? – maybe a little bit of both, I dare say.
But what’s in the word, anyway? I can spell “magic” from here to the moon and back without anyone caring. But if I say magik, then I am suddenly both Wiccan, witch and a bunny. (I do actually consider myself as none of these “things”), but this is what’s in the word. And it’s all in the word these days, and the way of spelling it. Or so it seems.
Anyway, my cat would appreciate being just a cat. And if i choose to call him magical, because he’s a nice creature, with the largest green eyes you’ve ever seen, that’s my choice. And a good one, I dare say. Because we all need our magic moments in our daily lives. Good moments, quiet moments. And by the way, that’s all this blog is about.


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