Geit, a True Norwegian Black Metal Band

This is Geit (the name meaning “goat”), a so-called “true Norwegian Black Metal band”. The band is local, from my point of view, and play some pretty nice music on a good day. They are young, so from here they can only get better. They have a lot of fine ideas and originality. But need to figure out how to use it.

I was simply messing around in Gimp, playing with some pictures I took this weekend. And suddenly this picture turned out like this, because the settings were saved without my intention. The funny thing is, that I do sort of like it.
And yes, I’ll do my best in posting a more decent photo of these people as well. I guess I owe them that much.

In short terms: they will probably not appreciate me making them pink and yellow, not at all. Nor am I sure they will see the humor in me doing so…
But they are nice people after all, so I have a strange feeling I might still be forgiven 😉


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