My Baby-Steps are Gone

By: Feanare

May 14 2008

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Category: Conceptual, Nature, People & Portraits

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K10D

Time is this strange thing. Yesterday I was a child, today I am not. Today, and for the rest of my life I shall not be a child any longer. All in a couple of minutes, a couple of moments, I am not the one I once was.
Or really, nothing really ever changes. And anyway, it’s ages since I was little enough to run naked on the beach without anyone caring. To roll around in the sand, and in the waves. Laughing, screaming and playing.
Time is a strange thing. Today I am 18. But I am not much older than I was yesterday, or a year ago. I’ve just seen a little more. But not much, since we humans are creatures of our own habits, and barely recognizes the little changes which always happen around us. On a daily basis, I mean.
I suppose that’s why I’ve got this blog. To try remind myself of those moments we call life. And to know that even though one minute seems pretty much like another, they are all different.

From now on my time as a toddler in this world is gone. Let’s hope it’ll be okay.

One comment on “My Baby-Steps are Gone”

  1. What does this feel like today? I think I’m born one year and two days before you. I remember the feeling of turning 18. I was sitting outside a cabin in the woods far from most things with my three best friends, feeling like I was in a runaway train with no breaks, blasting thorugh life faster than I could get my grips on.
    Returning to that cabin is like going on a small holiday from life. Everything there is frozen in time, little changes each time I visit. I guess I change though, a little from time to time. Still, falling asleep under the starry sky on a crispy december night is something that never get boring.

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