A Bucket of Redness – Thoughts on Daily Photography

By: Feanare

Jun 08 2008

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K10D

All May I tried to post one picture a day.  Challenging myself to shoot more, and make the pictures look somewhat decent.
I missed out on one or two days, because I did not find any spare time, but overall I managed somehow. You feel you kind of “have to”, so then suddenly the time-issue is much less of trouble. It becomes a think to do, just like eating breakfast or drinking afternoon tea. A way of life, sort of, where you have to find a bit of creativity inside you every single day. Photography is hard enough on its own, if you don’t like to write long posts, but the writing part is seldom easier.

I am the first to admit that not all the posts of this May are “very”-high-quality posts. And I do know I lacked a lot of inspiration on certain days.
But after all I am quite satisfied: I did my daily photography for a whole month!

Now only time can tell what will happen…

One comment on “A Bucket of Redness – Thoughts on Daily Photography”

  1. Good strong vibrant colour

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