Misty Walk

In yellow leaves –
While Waiting
For us to leave


4 comments on “Misty Walk”

  1. What an absolutely beautiful photo- did you take it?it really made me smile in the middle of a bad day.The verse is intriguing.I love haiku but I am unfamiliar with hokku.I’m going to have to find out more now….

  2. I am so happy I made your day a little better. At least for a tiny moment.
    And sure, the picture is all mine.
    Hokku is the word for the “original haiku”, while “haiku” is a more modern term. Some might argue the two are different forms, and some will not. Therefore I choose using both the words hokku and haiku, to make everybody happy. – as I see the value of each point of view.

    Enjoy your day 🙂

  3. Very beautiful, dreamy photo… : )

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