A Glimpse of the Past

Why does not men wear top hats anymore? Probably for the same reasons women does not wear crossets, nor long skirts for that matter. They do not have to. We don’t “have to do anything” these days, still some people do. Still some people do bother to take on a silky hat. To dress up, so the rest of us can see how things were. Open air museums, or just a daily walk.

Take a minute and enjoy, all the ways of life which we do not live.


4 comments on “A Glimpse of the Past”

  1. I enjoy seeing the way things use to be. A man wearing a dress hat or a woman wearing a long dress brings back the memories of looking through my grandparents photo albums.


  2. I love the photograph, and the essay makes me think. I’ve noticed that you switched away from your old haiku captions, however there is a poetry in the expression even in the new paragraph form. I remain impressed.

  3. I think it’s because of political correctness and, well, naturally changing fashions. Today manners and tradition are seen as too insulting to women. Everybody should be equals, etc. But remember not everybody wore top hats and corsets back in the day–just the richer people in the middle class and the upper class. It’s not something that has alllways existed, either, or did things like talk daily walks–all of these were marks of a the non-working class, like 10% of the population. But yes, good point. The pace of life and societal values sure have changed.

  4. Raven:
    That makes the two of us then. Thank you for stopping by.

    Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed yesterday’s ramblings. The thing I find the most challenging about haiku is to have that particular peace of mind when writing. During the last couple of months there has not been too much of that. Maybe I’ll manage writing like that again, maybe not. We’ll see 🙂 I hope you’ll have a marvelous weekend.

    At last:
    I realize I should have written a bit about the background for writing this post. Then the kindly made corrections would have been unnecessary. And a big thanks for pointing them out should be made, – thank you – and is now considered done:)

    This picture was taken inside the house of a 19th century County Governor in Norway. This huge house, with it’s surrounding gardens and fields, is now an open air museum. The museum has a huge collection of local tools and buildings once used in farming and every-day life.
    And by the end of the day the difference between “the working class” (in this case working farmers in a part of the country which has never experienced starvation) and the “rulers” were much less back then, than the difference inside the middle-class of today’s Western society.

    The mentioning of hats in particular is mainly because of the item the man is holding, and the corsets because of personal preference. I know people who own and wear both (at the same time) every now and then, so the items themselves are of very little importance.
    I hope this made my intentions a bit clearer. And again, thank you for your time.

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