A Storm is Coming

The sun does not set where frozen winds are playing. Snowflakes are in the air, even though it’s July. I dipped my toes into the salt sea today, they screamed. As loud as toes can scream on their own. You are hurting us, they said, but I did not listen. Instead I pushed them down, laughed at them. Let the sun warm my face while my feet screamed. Quietly.

3 comments on “A Storm is Coming”

  1. Great image. Although I do wish the couch would not appear so much larger the landscape itself…that’s the only bit that bothers me. But that’s just my opinion.
    Have you taken any other shots with slightly different perspective?

    • Here’s an other picture of the same place, This couch was literary in the middle of my favorite walk one morning. Sure I had not been there for like a year, but it was surprising never the less 😉 My original intention was pretty much what you pointed out, but that morning I had a camera in one hand and two dogs in a leash in the other. So climbing rocks was not really an option.
      Today on the other hand I let the dogs run on their own, so we all could do whatever we wanted.

      Thank you by the way, for all your kind words and encouragements.

  2. I absolutely love the second take, and happily surprised that you even made a mention! Was just not expecting that:)
    So glad you let the dogs go astray 😀

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