The sparkling flames of a bonfire. A bunch of people sitting everywhere: On the ground, on the grass, on rocks, on a trunk, sitting on what used to be a chair. There are stars above us, the moon has just risen. Laughter blends with the gentle sound of waves. A boat is hurrying past us, but we can’t see it.
Someone enlivens the strings of a guitar. We sing Ol’ Bob Marley’s tunes while discussing the noble art of death growling. All of a sudden we realize we need more wood. Nobody moves! We are just sitting, waiting for this awkward moment to pass.

Gone, left and back again.

The flames are eating eagerly anew. And we can continue with our lives. Our life. I guess we’re all a bit cold, a fire can not make unlimited amounts of difference. Yet we stay, here. A place between dreadlocks and pitch-black darkness. Not necessarily somewhere between heat and cold, but a place between two shades of light. The night is still just a teenager; waiting to be tamed…


2 comments on “No(r)way”

  1. vakkert, frida! tenker mye på dæ.

  2. […] the other hand; having an unofficiall ramble-place, a dancing floor on my own. Where every moment is just as important as the next, has in some way become a way of live. And In the end, celebrating […]

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