Waiting For You

… or me?
It’s good to be back.


5 comments on “Waiting For You”

  1. så vakkert frida 🙂

  2. Hey, so happy to have you back!
    (I was away for a bit too, and am just beginning to get back in the groove)
    Is that your dog, or did you chance upon him?

    • Hi!
      I suspect my wish of being back was stronger than my ability making it come true, but anyway I am. And thank you so much for stopping by; I had almost forgotten I had a blog, had it not been for you:)
      Isa (the dog) belongs to my family, and I guess I am more her human than she is my dog. But not in this “awful, dominant dog eating owner alive”- sense which is shown on television shows these days.


  3. […] Home is where your dog is. Toten, 2010. Isa is my favourite subject. And has been so for years, basically all her life. For sure she finds me a bit boring now and then, but we manage. Somehow… […]

  4. […] other hand; having an unofficiall ramble-place, a dancing floor on my own. Where every moment is just as important as the next, has in some way become a way of live. And In the end, celebrating life is something which you […]

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