Colours Under the Wire

By: Feanare

Nov 18 2009

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Category: Autumn, Nature


Gazing towards the sky as chilly air is filling my lungs. Breathing in, breathing out; all over again once more. Above me there are some leaves left. They are bright like sunshine, so sunny like stars.
Thus here I find them, while stretched out on the bitter ground. – with fences all around.


3 comments on “Colours Under the Wire”

  1. Nice OOF…just the outlines of colors…and the color spread is so pleasing to the eye!
    ‘The bitter ground with fences all around’…hmm..longing to fly are you?:)

  2. […] ramble-place, a dancing floor on my own. Where every moment is just as important as the next, has in some way become a way of live. And In the end, celebrating life is something which you […]

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