Necropolis and Rustbuckets?

Somebody once loved this vehicle,
somebody owned its neightbour.
Now they are just standing here,
not collecting dust but raindrops.
Not collecting dust, but moss.

10 comments on “Necropolis and Rustbuckets?”

  1. Common theme in science fiction–without mankind, the earth will reclaim its wild beauty.

  2. Absolutely love this! Such great imagery.

  3. Feanare…I have been gazing at this image…and gazing.
    It’s such a beautiful image…has a great storytelling quality to it.

    • Such words warms a cold winters heart, Shipra. I am glad your eyes found it appealing.
      Speaking of which, I really think you would have loved visiting that place. Fields filled old cars and spare parts. A whole forest, if you’ve got some imagination, made of wrecks and trees. If you ever go to Sweden one day, or Norway for that matter, that’s one location to stop by. Just for sightseeing;)

  4. That description is music to my ears…never been to a place such as this…and yes now I want to visit really bad:)
    Is there some history to it Feanare? I am curious how one would end up with a forest full of wreckage…do tell me more!

    – Shipra

    • Once (upon a time) there were these two guys who collected cars and sold the spare parts. somewhat 30-20 years ago they quit and left the wrecks alone. And now-a-days the site is quite famous.
      We (I) got there mainly because of my photography teacher who thought it would be great practice for the lot of us. It was a rainy day, by all means of the term, but quite a lot of fun as well:)

  5. Thanks for the background Feanare, interesting history. Rainy day eh?…Now I know where all that heady mist comes from!
    Happy New Year girl!

    (This image begs the question- Please please post more often? I know it’s not easy, I struggle with a perpetual scarcity of time myself. I just hope you will find a way! Wish you the best this new year:D)

  6. […] of bogus jade. It looks just like art, he said. While dying the room in pink neon lights… A not-so-secret-nor-hidden-place in Sweden, November 2009 GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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