White People's Blues?

It’s dark inside. A vocalist is dying on the stage. Howling to the rolling sound of electric instruments. Deep tones of suggestions, and promises never made, making the atmosphere glitter in the night.

In front of me people are dancing, grooving by pure delight. As the hours of darkness are ours as we breathe them. Someone just switched on a time machine. This is a culture I am all too young to recall, though by far old enough to recognize its familiar view

Inky and unlit, yet the light is sufficient for our eyes to see. To watch each other bodies moving, gliding and flying through the lounge. Platform boots which never touch the floor; shady make-up restrain no dreamer to the ground.

Behind us they’re drinking and laughing. Somewhere along the line t-shirts are being sold, saying “GOTH – White people’s blues”! We giggle at the thought, wishing the sizes were smaller. Wishing there were more beautiful gowns in the world, wishing the weather did not make them so hard to wear.

Illuminated by street lamps! My eyes hurt when we leave. All vampired up for the occasion, now dipping my shoes into the snow.  Just as I travel the streets of Oslo, far away from Gotham Nights , I can’t help but wonder: how did I stop living this way?


5 comments on “White People's Blues?”

  1. Very descriptive writing. Can feel the music and see the people. Interesting idea, “white people’s blues.” Thank you for this post.

    • That sentence got stuck in my head. – for good, I think. Maybe because you can put as much significance into the words, as you want.

      I am happy to have brought the night to you in such a manner Yousei. That was the impression and reaction I was hoping for.
      Thank you, yet once again 🙂

  2. You are a the quintessential storyteller Feanare! Delighting your readers, as always.
    “White People’s Blues”- whoever came up with that, had a genius moment coming. Do you know if this phrase has its origin somewhere else? It is too potent and powerful to have been invented for goth/ tees…

    • I did actually google the expression, and found next to nothing. Strange, don’t you think? – A strong phrase like that should indeed have a decent source. Or maybe not. People say a lot of things all the time, and maybe this is just one of them. A saying, sort of a pun, which just popped into someone’s mind. More surprising stuff happen all the time, I figure.


  3. […] the other hand; having an unofficiall ramble-place, a dancing floor on my own. Where every moment is just as important as the next, has in some way become a way of live. And In […]

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