To Wish Impossible Things

A wooden border
Between me – and him
all gone.

I’ve spent most of my summers here, far up north. Beyond the common horizon. Feeling the windy sea touching my skin, while freezing in the rain and dancing among flowers. In a place where the sun does not set for about three months every year, the winter holds even longer.

Now, in front of my grandfather’s last resting place the magic is all but gone. Still a bit of childish beliefs are filling the air, still there is this silly hope everything is just a bad dream.
Still wishing to wake up a chilly summer morning. Feeling the sun in my hair, and knowing for a fact that everything is as it always has been, with coffee and solitaire all around.

Snowy lilies
Bidding him farewell:
The beloved one


2 comments on “To Wish Impossible Things”

  1. Sympathy and best wishes for you and your family. You spoke well when you named death a strange thing — it changes the whole sense of reality.

    I hope that silly hopes and childish beliefs prove to hold truth — and we learn that there is more than we see and touch.

  2. Longe live sixpence-hats and slow driving, and the warm funny smile.

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