Short Song of Sayonara

“So long”, she said
saying goodbye with a smile.
Similar sayings has been uttered,
similar situations has encountered.
So now I have not
seen her for months.


6 comments on “Short Song of Sayonara”

  1. Wonderful condensation of meaning and emotion. Really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Aww, thank you. It was a bit of impulsive writing form my part, but I am quite happy about the way it turned out. Glad you enjoyed it as well:)

  2. Quite a contrast with the strong hand raised against a soft, probably demure and just half-visible face. Creates a sort of interesting tension in the image, don’t you think?

    • Yeah it does, I had actually not thought about it in those terms. Happy to have your eyes here, guiding me as well!

      Anyway, I am actually heading towards NYC tomorrow. Which is good for me and bad for the climate. So, in a couple of weeks time you might find some familiar scenery around here.
      – just felt it appropriate to put up a warning sign of some kind 😉

  3. That is great news! Please email me- let’s get in touch while you are here!

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