Lovesong of New York

You looked like some Italian lady of forgotten times. Venetian maybe, bright and proud against the yellow sky. The day we met, you were dressed in your very best colours, welcoming me to your country so young.
You held my hand and I clung to yours, while the wind sang our tunes and we danced in its rhythm.
We spent weeks together, two of the kind. Walking the streets of past, chasing glimpses of the future.

Even on rainy days we walked in Summertime! Dreaming maybe, of nothing but this very moment.

(Part I)


5 comments on “Lovesong of New York”

  1. wow, been hoping for an update, and here it is – wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you. I did not really know where to start, and I still don’t in a way. But the subject is still there, nagging in my mind. So there will be more NY posts, I just dunno when.

  2. Kjetil Moen sent me to this site to see the NY pictures. I really like them. It is especially refreshing to see b&w work. They are very poetic and don’t really need words with them.
    Keep up the beautiful work!

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