The Caged Marvel is Alive

Some days you believe in miracles
Most days you don’t
But they happen

Namsskogan familiepark, Norway 2006
A sudden retake on an old friend of mine. Enjoy!


2 comments on “The Caged Marvel is Alive”

  1. I am a wildly lover of nature, animals all life. I work with animals..wild and domestic and have pets of my own. This photograph speaks volumnes in words and emotions. In Minnesota the wolf was put on the protected list for years and has made a tremendous come back. Now they say we have too many and they are infiltrating habitated farm lands and killing livestock again so they are trying to legislate to put them on the list so some can be exterminated again. I understand why it is a hardship for farmers, but we also have taken so much land from wildlife, they are striving to survive in less space and it is taking a toll on all life.
    This photo depicts the haunting eyes and spirit of the wolf. Very beautiful.

    • Hi Yisraela, thank you very much for your input on the subject.
      Wolves are amazing creatures, and it causes some relief knowing that I’ve managed to capture some of that. Thank you.

      Here in Norway, we too struggle with many of the same issues. Though the luxury of having too many wolves around is unfortunately not a problem. The main difficulty these days is simply that wolves don’t read maps. – But people do.
      So whenever packs or single creatures move outside the legal restricted area they’re supposed to stay in, they soon drop dead. Even if no harm’s been done to livestock. I don’t get it, but it’s politics apparently.

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