Imagine Norway, Just Once

Impressions of Vadsø, Norway, 25.07.2011.

I was going to write something decent about what happened the 22nd of July this Summer. How it was a perfectly fine day, for a few hours.  How the coffee tasted nice, and my walking mates behaved for a change.  How life felt good, the air was singing, until it started screaming. And then crying,  shock waves and stormy waves. The blast in Oslo was just the beginning. Abruptly, on the news, so close to home. For the time being miles, miles and miles away. What are you supposed to feel like, when a bomb explodes in your capital? When people are getting shot and you are just sitting somewhere. Paralyzed, because there’s truly nothing you can do.

Here, now, at this very moment reason stops. Words cease to exist.

There are more than a billion subjects in the universe, which I’ve got no idea how to put into written words. How do I spell sorrow, disbelief and pain? For real?
For that matter: How do I put the warmth of a beloved one in a way other people can sence it? How do I explain the manner this naïve, little country reacts when attacked by one of its own kin? Is it possible? Am I the worst writer ever, who just can’t figure it all out?
Obviously, if you take to consideration the fact that I had to manipulate two decent photographs, and connect Vadsø to Strawberry Fields, just to get this blogpost into words.

Because this is how many of us responded
, and hopefully shall continue to respond to violence. Norway might still be the overly optimistic fjord country. Which preaches democracy and environmental hypocrisy wherever it looks. But at least we do that, while trying at some small level to make tomorrow somewhat better. This was the very cause people stayed at Utøya, 22.july 2011.

It was just supposed to be an other rainy summer’s day…


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