Train Talk

I remember the time the teacher tried to kill us; just by making us get up early, in time to hear her lecture. The roads were blackened by ice, at least the buses though so, and we had to wait.

I think we made it though

Remember the time the air suddenly got so cold, every cellphone in town stopped working? And we walked past each other, instead of meeting. So simple, it would seem. What a strange day in Stavanger.

I found you the next week, no hard feelings

The time you said you were all mystical, and everybody refused to believe you. Giggling as only silly girls do, shaking our heads. Maybe we were wrong after all, and you won this game of life.

I sort of hope so

Time passes by, ebb and flow. Rain barely recalls me, and I’ve erased it from my memory. With all that water entering the city every moment, it’s a wonder the town hasn’t been washed to sea.

I think, just yet

The teachers forgot us. Or we just them, or was it the plane that never arrived. Without post cards and envelopes, and pictures of Bergen. Maybe it was a bad dream, and nothing of this happened.


Memories of Stavanger, Norway, May 2011

2 comments on “Train Talk”

  1. Great post and a interesting photo. Very nice!

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