Pirouettes, Perhaps

Sweat. The comforting smell of a home, a place for the crazy maybe. Hard work.
Toes. Moving, bring the foot alive. Then the ankle, the leg, the body and mind. Play.
Spin. Get dizzy and fall. Trust me, I’ve done it before.  Spot and turn. Spot.
Split. Box, non-box, boxed and front. Let go of everything and breathe. Stretch.
Dance. Tell the stores of catching butterflies. From shoulder to fingertips. Feel.
Dream. As if your life depends on it.  And keep going. Excellence.
Live. The air filling your lungs is precious. So are you. Curtain call.

Stavanger, Norway July 2011

Blending memories of space and dreamstuff. It happens, you know.


5 comments on “Pirouettes, Perhaps”

  1. Not only light, but a dare hovers in that air. Another intriguing photo.

    • Very true… And thank you, glad you found the photo interesting. You’re always brightning the days, and nights, with your words.

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