Real Fast and No One Ever Smiled

This little guy in front of you, the dog, he never really trusted humans. He loved some lucky ones, but doubted the rest of us. Like we were a thunderstorm coming after him. Just as everyone else he enjoyed a good laughter and some playtime. And there were these bitches living not far from us, he was deeply in love with them all his life. The owners, you may ask? – not so much.

He, his name was Hod and he died three years ago, had a very impressive soprano voice. The kind you recognize from afar without really listening. A great guy indeed, and well-trained hiking buddy. He would always keep track of where you were, even though you could not see him. Humans must be put under some kind of control and behave in expected manners. If they didn’t, he would just leave. Or make an amazing concert, without braking any crystal glass.

Toward some he would point out his arguments in a civilized manner, simply pointing out that they were wrong: “You think we’re going inside on a sunny afternoon? – yeah right”. Humans were in many ways his equals. We are a doubtable lot, but still he reckoned us as equals.

Isa learned that from Hod really fast. She’s the most independent, proud, strong and loving creature I’ve ever met. Counting all species. The main difference is Isa trusts people, because she finds no reasons in the universe not to. Perhaps the are none. In that case Hod were wrong all his living days, something I don’t think he ever would agree on. And we would have discussed it a great deal, and not agreeing to disagree. Because he’s right, just read the news today…

Still he considered us his equals. Not bad a compliment coming from a dog.

Olsborg, Norway July 2009


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