You think this blog is about pictures. But I’ll tell you a little secret; it’s about you. The people I meet, the ones I know, and the ones I don’t know. It’s about people. And even though the blog might not have realized it yet, honestly, that includes you as well.

In between there are cats, foals and puppies. Lyrical pieces and silence. Everyday life or the very opposite. So there’ll be pictures. That much of a guarantee I’ll grant you.

For the time being I’ve got two major bodies of work:

  • Imagined: New York, Stavanger and Toten.  Sometimes you have to dream of places to make them real, and sometimes you have to make something real to dream about it.
  • Your Choice which is pretty much as political as you’ll ever see me. Because I don’t care what you care about, as long as you still care.

Frida Borse aka Feanare

Fea+narë = spirit+fire (female), a word originating from the vast world of J.R.R Tolkien.

Born in 1990, and therefore escaped the dreaded 80’s by far. I grew up in the Norwegian country side, learning how to dance play music, and draw. For some odd reason I always brought a camera, and that habit got stuck.

So here I am, l learning how to live. This is my journey, which resumes day by day. With all it’s triumphs, pitfalls and tranquil moments. From baby steps to dancing dreams of hovering the sky; I am hoping to fly once more.
– While still remembering how to dance the night..


4 comments on “About”

  1. Good job on dodging the 80’s.

    Those were the days when governments around the world employed people to wear terrible hair cuts. Horrifying time. I was too young to remember exactly how horrifying, luckily.


  2. Touching words,
    inspiring photography,

    I love your work.

  3. I like your concept. Thrilled to see more!

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